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Look at the Great Medical Benefits of this Common Plant or Weed you can Find Arround your Home

Sida Acuta is an effective emollient, analgesic and diuretic herb. It possesses Hypotensive, Antimicrobial and Diuretic action. It is a natural remedy for Renal problems. It is good for treating Veneral diseases, related to sexual intercourse or desire. It is an analgesic herb. It is good for Body aches. It is used for Wound healing.

The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. A decoction of whole plant treats Fever.

Medicinal uses of Sida Acuta

Sida Acuta for Arthritis

Make a decoction of Sida Acuta plant. Drink 30 ml of it twice a day.

OR : Crush Sida Acuta plant. Cook it with Castor oil. Apply it on the affected areas.

Sida Acuta for Nervous Disorders

Scrape the root of Sida Acuta. Dry it and make it a fine powder.

Add one teaspoonful of powdered root into a glass of boiling

water. Take one glass of this for three days.

Sida Acuta for Chest Pain

If u have a serious chest pains and u have tried different types of drugs or herbs to cure it, and the pains still remain the same. Please try use this method. Go very early in the morning. And uproot plenty of this cida acuta. Take them home and cut the roots of it and throw away the stick and leaves. And now put all the plenty roots of this plant on a mortar that is use for pounding yams .and pound it all together and soak in a clean water of about 4 litre full. Live it to fament for 24 hours and start drinking a glass cup of it morning and evening. For some days. I bet you. You will never have that chest pain again. It works like magic. 

Other Medicinal Use of Soda Acuta

1. The juice of Sida Acuta is used for Indigestion.

2. A poultice of the plant is applied topically to soften abscess and release pus.

3. The leaves of Sida Acuta are Diuretic in nature. An infusion of plant leaves treats Dysentry.

4. The juice of plant leaves is Antiinflammatory in nature. It acts as a Digestive remedy.

5. A decoction of leaves is used for bathing Wounds.

6. A poultice of leaves acts a excellent remedy for Headaches. It is also applied over Ulcers and Boils.

7. The root of the plant is Febrifuge. The juice of the root treats Fevers. 

8. The root is chewed to relieve Toothache.

9. Sida Acuta is Aphrodisiac in nature. It stimulates the sexual desire in men and women.

10. It is a parturient herb. It is good for Women in labour and aids in Childbirth.

11. It treats Spermatorrhea, Rheumatism and Dropsy.

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Castor Diuretic Sida Acuta


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