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Factors that determine the lifestyle of a child

A child is a young human being below the age of reasoning. Before I continue there are things to note about the Child brain. A Child brain start to form very early in the womb – which means babies are learning before they were born.

A child doesn’t think about anything other than itself- which means they are naturally “selfish”. There are so many things that define the type of lifestyle of a child.

1.      Heredity: is the transmission of physical characteristics from parent to children through their genes. It influences all aspect of physical appearance of a child. It take 25% of who their child is going to be, the lifestyle of a couple really have a great impact in the lifestyle of their child. Your Child everyday experience and relationship are what creates their brain connections. There are some things parent are not supposed to do in the front of their children e.g. romancing, kissing, porn videos etc. Children have this reasoning of practicing 80% of what they see. They are just full of curiosity and pleasure driven from it.  

2.      Environment: it plays a critical role in the development of a child and it represents the environmental factors influencing childhood. A negative environment will never produce a positive life. Poverty is really a bad chronic disease for a child and it could cause behavior changes in a child such as jealousy, stealing, hatred etc. These environmental problem create nuisance and monster that can’t be controlled by anybody even the also take 25% of who a child is going to be, in short it could start to extend it hands to cover 40% of it.

3.      Friends: These sets of people are closer to a child than it parent does, they know 80% lifestyle of a child. Children and even adult prefer telling their deepest secret to their friends than parent because they believe they could confide and trust in them and through this means friends do have 80% percent of how a child reason. Information transmitted from friends are likely to be internalize than information from others, meaning that friends may be more influential than other social contact. Friends are meant to modify someone life or to devour.

4.      Experience: This is where “self-respect” comes in and also the concluding part that determine the lifestyle of a child , after a child review what he see from his/her parent, environment and friends. They bring up their own self-rule and decision that makes them a little different from others. Humans are created to be unique, creative and outstanding. You can’t control a child who have been exposed to so many things especially the bad side, they say “every man is a king in his own land”. Experience can either create a monster or a hero.

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