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Do this every morning and you will live longer than any of your ancestors

Off course every one wants to live long, at least 120years, no one will be happy to hear about his/her date of death, of which we all know that death is a miserable event that takes one to a total strange land. But through the years, we have gotten to know that there are recipes for living longer than your ancestors.

We can not cheat this major facts, they are very essential in that it may forfeit your days. Even if it's long, it will be miserable. The Bible says honor your father and your mother so that your days may be long.

Apart from this there are other two things to engage yourself in so as to free yourself from unnecessary sicknesses and premature death

1. Wake early to exercise your body to sweat at least for 20minutes. Don't be lazy with this, make it early, don't procrastinate. Wake and jog,wake and stretch those body and make sure to sweat.

2. Take a glass of water immediately after the exercisetake a glass of clean water and wait for at most 30minutes before eating breakfast. Do this things every morning and you will burn more fat and also free yourself from major sicknesses

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