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How to reduce your weight and big stomach in few days.

It's no news again that due to the lockdown and isolation thing, many people are gradually becoming obese and without curves. You don't have to blame them at all, particularly because of the standing order to remain indoors, avoiding people and maintaining social distance.


1. Carbs.. continuous intake of carbohydrates can cause serious fat as this is an accumulation of cholesterol.

2. Sugar...much intake of soda and other sweetened edibles.

3. Poor sleeping habits.

4. Not doing exercises.

5. No fruits and insufficient water.

Now, there is a way to help yourself be in shape despite the fat. You will agree with me that the major way you can look curvy and beautiful is by having tinnier waist and a well defined butt. This simply means that while you watch your weight generally, your major focus should be on your tummy. Even ifyou have a flat backside, once your belly is flat, the little on your back will be pronounced. Simple ways to get tinnier waste and flat belly;

1. Dont take dinner later than 6pm everyday.

2. Take at least one cucumber a day. This works for general weight loss, particularly the tummy. 

3. You can use waist trainers for at most four hours a day, do this for 30days, not forgetting to take measurement of your belly size daily.

4. Drink lots of water during the day, and a big cup of warm water in the morning to wash off some fat and also aid metabolism. You can eat 45mins after the warm water therapy.

5. Do simple workouts targeted at your belly.

6. Green tea aids metabolism.

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