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4 Local Drinks You Can Consume To Help Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

Nigerians are famed for their creativity and diversity. The same creativity and variety can be found in their drinks. Various ethnic gatherings have unique local blends and beverages. Today, you will discover a few of the most popular Nigerian beverages, and because we care about your health, you will also learn about their significance in helping to manage your blood sugar levels. Let's get started;

1. Tigernut Drinks

Tiger nuts' significant contribution of healthy and balanced fiber does not raise blood glucose levels, making them excellent for preventing and combating diabetes. According to my study, millions of people worldwide suffer from type 2 diabetes, which has life-threatening effects. Maintaining controlled blood sugar levels is certainly a goal to strive for, but you must also address obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, smoking, or high blood pressure, which are the primary causes of diabetes.

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Because of its great nutritional value and all of the benefits listed, tiger nuts can play an essential part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Tiger nuts are also a good option for carbs that elevate blood sugar levels due to their high sucrose content and fiber content.

2. Zobo

Zobo is a popular northern Nigerian beverage that has now spread throughout the country. Zobo offers numerous health benefits, including serving as an appetizer, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, providing a refreshing drink, reducing oxidative stress, and being beneficial for the eyes. Naturally Zobo without sugar is excellent for diabetics since it lowers blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in the blood. Diabetes patients are allowed to use zobo drinks as long as they do not contain sugar.

Without sugar or saccharin, diabetics can enjoy cold or cooled zobo. They can use ginger instead of sugar, or blend it with kunun or tiger nut juice to increase flavor. If you know your blood sugar isn't quite where it should be in terms of glycemic management, you can take zobo but not sugar.

Zobo is high in vitamin A, C, iron, and folic acid, as well as glucose and blood pressure lowering properties that many people, particularly diabetics, would appreciate... In diabetics, Zobo improves their immune system.

3. Kunu drinks

Kunu drink, kunu aya, kunu tsamiya, or whatever you want to name it, is a non-alcoholic beverage popular in northern Nigeria and West Africa. Depending on the ingredients and recipes used to make it, there are several sorts of kunu aya drinks. Kunu is a drink that is both safe and healthful.The kunu drink enhances insulin sensitivity, lowering blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

4. Palm wine

Palm wine has a low Glycemic Index (GI) of 22±13, making it an excellent choice for diabetics. Palm wine, according to research of traditional Nigerian drinks, is beneficial to diabetics. It should not be taken all the time, and diabetics should not rely on it.


From the drinks I've listed, it's important to remember to drink in moderation because too much of anything is bad for your health.


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