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Various Skin Disorders That Everyone Must Be Wary Of

The skin is the largest organ of the body it covers the internal organs from external forces. The skin acts as an extra layer of protection for the bones; and the body's supporting system. Being saddled with all of these responsibilities, the skin needs to be taken care of with utmost care. It would be quite unfair to not treat your skin nice. Especially with all the work it's helping you do by covering up your internal organs.

Just like every other organ in the body, the skin is susceptible to various degrees of diseases and infections. As an individual, it is very important that you understand the various diseases and infections you are predisposing yourself to. Here are some skin disorders you need to be enlightened about:

Cold sore

This is usually associated with red, fluid filled blisters that could appear near the mouth. It is usually associated with cold weather conditions; or fever which causes your lips to break out. This could make eating spicy foods and talking quite unbearable.


These are bubbles that rise right under the top layer of your skin. They can be filled with clear watery serum, pus, or blood. Most times they are circular- shaped. Your blister could itch or hurt; and are caused by burns, friction, and skin reactions, such as an allergic reaction.


Not everyone is conversant with this particular skin disorder. Hives are itchy welts that appear on the skin after a person is exposed to an allergen (something the person is allergic to). Hives are usually red and warm; a little bit painful; and are round or ring-shaped.

Actinic keratosis

This particular kind of skin welt appears on the skin and is about 2 cm in size. It's usually characterized by a thick, scaly, crusty skin patch. It appears on parts of the skin that are constantly exposed to excessive sunlight. It is also a bit pinkish in colour.


Carbuncles are red painful irritations that appear on your skin. They occur as a result of fever; body aches; and general body fatigue. If not treated properly, could result in some foul oozing odor.


These are whitish/yellowish flakes that form on the skin, usually the face. The surface of the affected area is usually itchy, greasy or oily. Hair loss may occur in the affected area afterwards.

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