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4 Ways To Prevent Infection From Getting To Your Children

Children are very delicate in nature, and as such, their  health should be taken very seriously. Children are not very aware of their surroundings, and therefore can play in dirty places where they are not supposed to be, and in some cases get infections from this places. As a parent or guardian, it is important for you to observe your children all the time, and make sure they are healthy. For the purpose of the article, we are going to be looking for ways by which we can prevent infection from getting to your children.

Ways To Prevent Infection From Your Children:

a) Hand Hygiene: hand hygiene should be practiced regularly in a family that has children around. This is because children play alot with their hands, and there are germs in most places they will touch with their hands. Make sure that the children, and even adults wash their hands regularly with soap before and after eating, using the toilet etc.

b) House Hygiene: since children spend most of their time in the house than any other place, it is important to always make sure you maintain a good home hygiene such as disinfecting the tap, door handle, sink, toilet, etc.

c) Cough Hygiene: Coughing is one of the quickest way to pass an infection or sickness to someone close to you. You have to teach the children how to cough on a tissue, or cover their nose a little while coughing. This is to prevent germs from getting contacted by others.

d) Wearing a Nose Mask: encouraging your children to wear a mask especially during this time that there is a virus pandemic, is very important for the well being and health of the child, because wearing a nose mask can help reduce the spread of the virus. Also, children can wear a nose mask whenever they are ill, to help prevent others from contacting that illness.

Source: HealthXchange

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