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Gambling Will Ruin You, Take These Measures To Stop

Gambling has become a major challenge in the lives of many Nigerians especially the unemployed youths. The economic hardship and uncertainty in the country has led many frustrated youths into the dangerous habit of gambling. It's gotten so bad that some people can't go a day without visiting bet9ja and other gambling ventures. Some youths have even gone into full betting as a source of livelihood,however such decisions always end in tears. There are betting shops in every nuke and cranny of the city and its a sad thing to see touts, old men,school boys and even young teenagers all trying to miraculously be a millionaire. I call it a frenzy madness

The madness is like a disease that has eaten deep into its victim causing crisis and problems in their lives.

Here are some adverse effects of betting

Financial Crises 

This is one of the major adverse effects of gambling. The victims can't just stop and would even use money they can't afford to lose to stake. These always result in a huge lot of debts and always broke, they eventually become subject of ridicule in the community

Health Issues

Gambling is known to cause major health issues, a gambler mind is always uneasy,always anticipating the results. This can cause high blood pressure,eventual lose of the stake can cause extreme sadness,depression and a whole lot of negative emotions


Gamblers may commit suicide as a result of extreme depression and excessive debt,they think there is no way out at that point

Anger and Frustration

Trust me you do not want to be beside a man that just lost his bet. Their eyes will turn red,almost like they are crying,they will turn violent at any slight provocation


Gamblers are often very lazy,they make no attempt to change situation of thier lives,instead they complain of the hardship in the country and waste valuable time gambling away thier lives

Measures to Quit Gambling

1. Admit you have a problem

This is the first and most important step, you have to accept the fact that you're addicted. Admitting to the problem means you're ready to make an effort to stop

2. Get support

I know it's not easy but find a trusted person to confide in about your problems,family and friends can be a very good source of support

3. Avoid temptation

Whenever you are going out always try to avoid gambling spots such as casinos and bet9ja. If you have to take a longer route to bypass the bet9ja shop,take the pain and don't form jagaban

4.Replace gambling with something positive

The best way to get rid of an addiction is to find a positive replacement, you can jog, read a novel,swim,just try anything positive

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