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Check Out Photos Of The Strongest Men In Zimbabwe, One Being Able to Pull a Truck With His Mouth

Ever pondered about the strongest men (particularly the more muscular) in Zimbabwe? Of course some of you might have. But after this so much pondering, have u ever got to know who they are and what they are up to? I guest few!.

Imagine a man that can pull a heavy truck of about 6,5 tonnes with his mouth or shoulder. He can hit his forehead to cause a crack on wall. These should already be busting your minds because not all strong men can do these. Jonathan Muvingi sees these as nothing but a mere block.

Jonathan Muvingi is a member of the Zimbabwe National Army, therefore goes by the name Corporal Jonathan Muvingi. He had made the name "Mr Strongman" within the military circle due to his uncommon physical strength.

Relating to his physical strength, it could be concluded that this is due to his endlessly effort and devotions he put into his training periods. Imagine a man that will go to gym everyday from 4am to 6am before leaving for work. Then he will train from 8am to 12 noon before breaking for lunch, thereafter resume training from 5pm till late. All these seems to be stressful but rewarding in reality. Jonathan Muvingi spend most of his time at the gym lifting weights.

As a young man growing up and doing heavy works, he never got to know his real strength till after pulling a minivan and a truck at wrestling tournament at the Harare Gardens.

Without much details about his feeding habit, you must bear with me that he must have been on expensive diets in so much that he gain his unsual physical strength. Disclosing part of his feeding tips, he needs two loaves of bread, half a dozen eggs, one each litre of milk and juice, sausages, bacon and butter.

Aside Corporal Jonathan Muvingi, in my Intense research I got to know that the present strongest man in Zimbabwe is no other than Nigel Maphosa.

Not much informations are known about Nigel Maphosa but with the aid of his Instagram page, it depicted that Nigel Maphosa is a body builder and fitness trainer. Of course you will get to noticed it on seeing his photos.

Back in 2019, he won the title "Mr. Zimbabwe" at the Zimbabwe National Bodybuilding Championships held at 7 Arts Theatre.

Due to the facts research made it known that Nigel Maphosa is the strongest man for the now, to me, there's still a doubt on who is actually the strongest man among the two bodybuilders. As Corporal Jonathan Muvingi being able to pull a minivan and heavy truck, does it mean Nigel Maphosa could also do such? Who do you think should be the strongest man? Kindly drop your comments below at the comment section.

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