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5 things everyone should avoid doing while eating.

As a human being, Food is very necessary and it plays a very important role in our body. We all know that without food, no human can survive. 

around the world, most people exhibited some improper habit while eating, without even know that it is not proper. In most situation, you will find your self talking or laughing while eating and it can Cause harm to you body.

So today in my article I would be showing us some things that we should Not do while eating, I hope after reading this article, we would see a lot of corrections. 

1 . Avoid lying on your back while eating: as a human being, Your body is most comfortable digesting food in an upright position, as it allows for easy digestion. Lying down while eating can cause the stomach contents to reflux into the oesophagus, and that can cause a hart born.

2 . Avoid too much talk while eating: talking while eating, is a very common habit that is exhibited by most people. Talking while eating is very bad because it can Cause choking of the food in the wind pipe.

3 . Avoid laughing while eating: laughing while eating has almost the same effect of talking while eating. It can make food go down the wrong pipe (wind pipe) However, when food goes down the wind pipe there is a very high possibility that it might get to your lungs, and it can led to aspiration pneumonia.

4 . Avoid eating while walking: this is a very common and bad habit. In most cases, eating while walking causes slow digestion of food.

5 . While eating, avoid siting in the wrong posture. In food digestion, you posture plays a very important role. Eating in a wrong posture can cause heart burn, poor Food digestion and acid reflux. 

Thanks For Your Time, I Hope You have learnt Something New Today, Kindly drop a comment below.

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