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Don't Let Your Parents Die Ignorantly, Kindly Pass These 5 Vital Health Information To Them

EdwinKenechukwu is back with another health package, this time around for our lovely old parents. Please if your parents are above 50 years, or you know someone that have passed that age, kindly read this article and pass the message across to them.

Our parents needs the rightful health information

Age might be a number as most people claim, but it should be noted that much more things come with it. The body is not a local machine, it ages with time, and that is why it is very important that old people around us should be well informed about what they can do to make sure they stay healthy.

If we inform our parents about what they need to do to stay healthy, they will stay healthy and live longer

Most of our parents are not getting any younger, their body system is not getting any stronger too, and that is why it requires proper care and healthy lifestyle for them to live long lives. Any slightest illness may prove more deadly to their health as a result of their weaker immune systems. In order to ensure their fitness and total well-being, their lifestyles must be modified.

Picture of a lady taking good care of her parents

These are the 5 Things they should work on

1. Frequent check of blood pressure

The chances of developing hypertension increase with age. As they age, the blood arteries and veins thins, and so makes it more difficult for blood to circulate round the body.

Frequent blood pressure check is very important to old people. When high blood pressure is detected early enough, it can be properly taken care of, and at the same time prevent the possibility of developing heart problems. If your parents can’t go and check their BP (Blood pressure) by themselves, you should make out time to take them to the hospital so as to make sure they are properly checked.

2. Frequent check of Blood sugar level

High and low blood sugar levels are very dangerous killers, they are capable of killing without showing any sign. The likelihood of developing diabetes at old age is very high, it is as a result of weakness of the pancreas (an organ that produces an hormone that regulates the blood sugar level in the body), which makes it more difficult to produce insulin in the body. When enough insulin is not produced, excess sugar will accumulate in the blood thereby leading to Diabetes.

Your parents blood sugar level should be tested at least once every month, this makes it more easier to detect any changes, so that it will be managed on time.

3. Significant reduction in the intake of artificial sugar

As earlier said, as the body ages, it becomes more difficult for the pancreas to produce the amount of insulin required in the body. Insulin is an hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. When the intake of artificial sugar is too much, especially in aged people, the body finds it more difficult to process sugar (particularly artificial sugar), thereby leaving it to float in the blood, and that is when Diabetes mellitus or insipidus is developed.

There are better alternative to artificial sugar ; pure honey, pure cane sugar are available locally, and they should be used instead. Natural sugars will not only prevent Diabetes, it will also help nurture the body for Longevity.

Pure Honey

Pure inorganic cane sugar

4. Reduction in the intake of salt

Salt is very important ingredients in cooking foods, but it should not be forgotten that it is also a powerful blood coagulant. Salt coagulates the blood, and makes it more difficult to pass through the veins and arteries thereby increasing the blood pressure in the heart.

A research by American Health Association shows that too much intake of salt causes hypertension. As a matter of fact, it is one of the major causes of hypertension in old people. AHA also advised that if salt most be taking, it should be thoroughly cooked to reduce the likelihood of affecting the circulation of blood in the body.

5. Reduction in the intake of alcohol

Alcoholic drinks contain a high proportion of ethanol which is very toxic to the human body. Alcohol causes a lot of damage to vital body organs, it intoxicates the liver which can result to severe cases of Hepatitis.

The immunity of your old parents are very weak compared to younger people, and that is why they get severely affected with alcohol easily. Therefore, it is very important that they reduce the intake of alcohol to the minimal level.

In conclusion, the health of aged people especially our parents, should be our utmost concern. We should be aware that they are getting more older day by day, and therefore must be well taking care of. Their blood pressure and blood sugar levels must be checked frequently, and should be recorded as required.

They should be checked from time to time

They should also venture into natural foods. At their age, fruits and veggies are very important to their health. Natural foods contain special antioxidants that fight toxins in the body, and therefore makes them stay healthy always. 

Tell them to eat more of fruits and vegetables

If you fail to pass your parents this important information, you will only have yourself to blame.

Note: All the pictures in this article is used for illustration only.

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