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Medical Expert Reveals The Difficulty Of His Job As A Regulator

Dr Tajudeen Sanusi, the Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, has shed light on the difficulties he faces in his role as a regulator. In an exclusive interview, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing the interests of the public and maintaining a sense of responsibility.

According to Dr Sanusi, being a regulator entails a sense of impartiality and a commitment to upholding professional standards. He stated, "As a regulator, you owe nobody. You owe nobody favors and nobody owes you any favor either. Whatever you need to do must be in the interest of the public." This highlights the gravity of his role and the need to remain unbiased in decision-making.

Despite the challenges, Dr Sanusi expressed his familiarity with the system, having been a part of it for over two decades. He emphasized the advantage of his experience, contrasting it with the potential confusion that an outsider might face when assuming the position of Registrar. Dr Sanusi's long-standing involvement allows him to efficiently delegate tasks and receive immediate feedback, ensuring the smooth operation of his responsibilities.

While acknowledging the ever-present challenges in his line of work, Dr Sanusi underlined the importance of personal dedication and preparedness. He stated, "If you are the lazy type, the job will be difficult, but if you are not lazy, it is not difficult." His words serve as a reminder that resilience and adaptability are essential traits for successfully navigating the complexities of the role.

Dr Tajudeen Sanusi's insights provide a glimpse into the demanding nature of regulatory work in the medical profession. Despite the difficulties, his commitment to serving the public and his years of experience equip him to tackle the challenges that arise on a daily basis.

Source: Punch Newspaper

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