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How Pig’s Kidney Will Reduce The Need For Human Kidney Transplant.

United States surgeons have successfully carried out a kidney transplant from a genetically altered pig into a human for the first time in history. The genes of the pig were altered, so that its tissues will no longer contain a molecule known to trigger an 'almost immediate' rejection by the recipient's immune system. This wonderful advancement would help reduce the need for human kidney transplant.

Reports have it that, the surgeons transplanted a bit of the pig's thymus gland too, along with the kidney, because the organ might help stop the human body from rejecting the kidney on the long run by mopping up. Also, it will stop stray immune cells that might otherwise fight the pig tissue. This is the first time a transplant of this kind would be happening and if it becomes successfully approved, it would eventually help alleviate a dire shortage of human organs for transplant. For example, America has over 100,000 people who are currently on the waiting for an organ transplant.

Animal to human transplantation is something that has been studied for decades, and it's really great to see a breakthrough happen. Reports also have it that, the first trial recipient was brain-dead, meaning the person was already on artificial life support without the likelihood of recovery. 

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