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I Thought My Son Was Stealing Meat From The Pot But He Was Doing Another Thing Entirely (FICTION)

I'm a single father and I'm going through a lot to take care of my young boy.We lost her mother during child birth and I am the only one taking care of him.

I use to work hard daily and leave him with our neighbors,I trust them to take care of my kids because they are fervent Christians.I try my best to make sure he is well fed but I noticed some changes in him and the soup pot also.He began to spend most of his time with the children of my neighbors and less time with me if I return home.

I use to cook mostly rice and stew with enough meat to serve us for days.He likes it that's why I use to cook that delicacy a lot.But I noticed that the meat in the pot used to reduce,I know this because I unknowingly count every piece I put in the soup.I complained to him but he denied it.I later caught him red handed putting his hand into the soup and asked him to explain

He couldn't talk much,he just pulled my hand to my neighbor's apartment and I saw the state of how they were living.

We just have to thank God for where we find ourselves,my little son showed me how poorly the children of my neighbors are fed.I asked them that why were they using my son to steal my own meat for them to eat?,They opened up they were adopted and haven't been treated well.

They also said they haven't eaten meat for months.They also told me that they have been cooking my rise also

It was weird that my young son would feel for them to the extent of using my own food I struggled to get to feed them.

I wanted to beat him for stealing,but it was a right type of stealing because he was trying to save other children from hunger.

Should I rebuke him for this or just let it slide?

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