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HIV: Early signs, Causes and Prevention

When a person is infected with the human immunodeficiency virus, the person's immune system becomes weak and lacks the ability to fight diseases. It is one of the most serious health challenges facing the World.

If HIV infection is not treated immediately, it develops into what is referred to as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

There is no known cure for HIV but once it is detected early, with proper medication the progress can be slow.

Below are three stages of HIV:

1 Primary or acute infection

2 Clinical latency


HIV symptoms

If a person contracts HIV, it may take up to a month before the symptoms start to show. Here are some notable signs

Sore throat



Prolonged fever


Aches and pains

Night sweats


Weight loss

Skin rash

Persistent diarrhea

Mouth ulcers

Swollen lymph glands on the neck

Blurred vision

Remember that the fact that someone experiences some of the above mentioned symptoms does not automatically means the person is infected with HIV. Always endeavor to contact your doctor for proper diagnosis.

HIV prevention

In as much as HIV is contagious and incurable, it can be prevented. One can get infected through these means below:

1 Unprotected intercourse 

2 Through infected blood transfusion

3 Sharing HIV-contaminated needles

4 Through a mother to the newborn

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Below are ways you cannot contract HIV :

Through hugging 

Shaking of hands

Through air



Through Insect bites.

How you can protect yourself from HIV 

1 Avoid casual intercourse and cut down on your partners.

Always use protection

Get regular check-ups for STDs

Use sterile syringes 

Accept only HIV-screened blood

How to prevent HIV transmission

Get antiretroviral therapy

Inform your partners about your HIV status.

Always use protection

Don’t share needles with anyone

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