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See the natural cure for Cancer disease

Jastropha plants are very common in African countries especially Nigeria and Ghana. The plants are some times use as flowers in some homes whereas some consider it as ordinary weeds.

The plants have been confirmed by many medical practionals in curing many chronic diseases especially the Indians.

Different people identified the plants with different names. In Yoruba land generally, it is popularly known as Ewe-Lapalapa while the Hausas call it Kai-Likita. I don't know that of Igbo name.


Below are the procedures involved in using the plants to cure cancer;

1. Get the dry seed or the fresh leaves, whichever one is available.

2. Blend the dry seed or fresh leaves

3. Try to sieve it in order to remove the hard part that couldn't be blended.

4. Add halfcup of honey and mix them very well. Leave it in a cool place till the second day.

5. Always take 3 spoons morning and evening.

For blood tonic: add the blended jastropha to milk and drink before meal morning and evening.

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