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6 Things You May Not Realize Are Causing You Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental health condition that can cause feelings of worry, fear or tension. Anxiety can cause panic attack and it can lead to depression or chest pain.

In life, everyone experience anxiety from time to time. This include adult and children. For some people this feeling of anxiety are just a stressful day at work. While some people are feelings of anxiety that can stay for a long time.

Things you may not realize are causing you anxiety

1. Spending time with stressful people: sometimes you have to be there for the ones you love even. But there is a different being there for a friend who need your help than hanging out with a friend who is dramatic. This doesn't mean you have to eliminate them from your life, but setting boundaries can be helpful.

2. Staying up late: staying up till all hours of the night can increase anxiety. Try to make such you're not only getting enough sleep each night but getting quality sleep.

3. Stressing out over Minor details or things: people suffer with anxiety tends to be perfectionist and and worry about every little details. Learn to find balance of putting hard work without driving crazy. Reducing stress is good for your health and also less stress is also healthier for mental health.

4. Over scheduling yourself: Thus is another thing you don't need when you are prone to anxiety, having an over busy day or schedule or having too many activities in a day can increase anxiety. Sometimes it cause you thinking too much which is not good for your health.

5. Conflict: Having conflict like disagreements, argument, relationship issues or other problems can trigger or worsen anxiety, is best you learn conflict resolution strategies.

6. Negative thinking: Your mind controls much of your body, If you tend to use a lot of negative words when thinking about yourself it will cause anxiety.

My advice for those facing anxiety is talk to a therapist or mental health expert concerning how you feel. Because I know this therapist will help you overcome anxiety.

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