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Stop wasting money on insecticides, use these simple methods to get rid of mosquitoes permanently.

The way Africans suffer from mosquitoes can nearly be termed a pandemic. People stay up for hours swatting mosquitoes and not getting enough sleep. Spend thousands of naira on insecticides but that time is gone. These are some tips that can help you kill them easily.

Mosquito killer lamp

This specially designed lamp is used as a simple means to kill mosquitoes. Just plug it to a switch and watch it perform it's magic. It doesn't make noise and harmless to the environment. It's also relatively cheap. It needs little maintenance and pocket friendly.

Mosquito trap

This is another innovative mosquito killing machine. How does this one work? It Emmits carbondioxide which tricks the mosquitoes to think it's a human being, then when the mosquito comes close, it traps and kills them. it is also environmental friendly and doesn't harm your friends and family. This device sells between 13000-16000 naira.

Electromagnetic pest repellent

This one repels pests by emmiting electromagnetic waves which chases away the insects. This one is an average size device and comes in different designs. you can get it withing the price range of 5500 naira.


This has been one of the oldest and reliable methods of repelling mosquitoes. Very easy to use. Simply light the camphor in the room, lock the doors and windows, then let it burn for 15 minutes. all the insects in the room will die.


THis is another method. We know that garlic has a Bad smell, simply grind the garlic, boil it in water and spray round the room. This is one of the most effective and cheapest options on this list.

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