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5 Causes Of Priapism (Male Reproductive Organ Disorder) In Men

Priapism is a rare condition involving an erection that lasts for an unusually long time. It can be very painful. 

This type of erection is not related to s*xual stimulus. 

Immediate medical treatment is advised to prevent tissue damage. 

Priapism is caused by problems with the nerves or blood vessels in the male reproductive organ which results in blood remaining trapped in the erectile tissue of the organ. 

Types of Priapism: 

1. Ischemic Priapism: It is also called low blood Priapism. It is the most common type of priapism and also the most dangerous as it can cause permanent damage to the male reproductive organ if not treated promptly.

It results from blood becoming trapped in the p*nile tissue due to blockage of a blood vessel, or because p*nile muscles aren’t contracting normally to squeeze the blood out of the p*nis.

2. Nonischemic Priapism: This is also known as high blood Priapism. 

High blood flow priapism is quite rare and usually results from injury on the genitals or surrounding areas.

This is when too much blood flows into the male organ. It is a less painful erection but it can last for more than 4 hours. 

This type of priapism can happen in young boys from age 5-10 years, young men from age 20 years and older men above 50 years. 

Causes of Priapism: 

1. Medications: Some medicines like mental health drugs and blood thinning drugs are part of the causes of priapism. 

Also illicit drugs like cocaine, marijuana etc are the among the causes too. 

2. Blood disorders like sickle cell anemia and leukemia.

3. Injury to genitals, pelvis or the area between the p*nis and anus or the spinal cord. 

4. Tumours. Example: Brain tumours and Prostate tumours.

5. Infections in the genitals. Example: Prostatitis. 

When an erection lasts for too long, blood becomes trapped. The blood trapped in the p*nis is unable to go to other parts of the body.

The main function of blood is to carry oxygen around the body. So when the blood is trapped, oxygen is trapped as well. 

This means your body is not receiving oxygen. The lack of oxygen can damage it destroy tissues in the male organ. 

To know if you are having priapism and the type, see your doctor. Your doctor will ask questions and examine your genitals, abdomen and groin. 

Most importantly if you have an erection that lasts for 4 hours or more, go to for an emergency treatment at the hospital to prevent damage. 

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