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ABORTION: Common questions asked

Abortion has become a subculture worldwide, and we are in fact living in a culture of death. The reason for this is that abortion has been forced into the sub-consciousness of many, such that it appears to them as the only alternative especially in the case of a crisis/unwanted pregnancy, and for so many abortion just like contraception has ceased to be a moral evil or sin.

This article wishes to insist that abortion remains a moral evil even in the case of crisis pregnancy.

Common questions​ on Abortion:

What is abortion?

It is the termination of pregnancy.

How does it occur?

It can happen on its own or it can be induced. When it occurs on its own, it is called miscarriage but when pregnancy is terminated or brought down it is called induced abortion. Induced abortion is the deliberate and direct killing by whatever means it is carried out, of a human being in the initial phase of his or her existence extending from conception to birth.

Why do some people procure abortion:

Abortion is illegal but it is still very rampant, there are calls all over the world for or against it. Some of the reasons some people do it include unwanted pregnancy (pregnant for a man who is ready to take responsibility), disappointment in relationship, pregnancy by school girls, pregnancy resulting from rape, incest, extra marital relationship, expecting a baby of wrong sex etc.

Is abortion legal:

It is legal only when it is done for medical reasons. When the health of the woman is at risk because of the pregnancy or has heart disease, hypertension or cancer.

Dangers of abortion:

It is appalling at the extent to which women risk their life as abortion can lead to severe blood loss, infection, damage to genital organs, infertility and sometimes loss of life.

Why would someone contemplate abortion having seen the medical risks involved?

Abortion in itself​ is an absolute moral crime and evil and should in no way be supported or seen as an option or way out of a crisis pregnancy.

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