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Nutritional Benefits Of Pepper

People often think pepper is added to food for the heat they provide, while that might be true pepper has other nutritional benefits apart from making a meal spicier. Below are some of the nutritional benefits of pepper.

1. A study published by the British medical journal has indicated those who eat spicy food are less likely to die from cancer and diabetes.

2. Chili pepper has a therapeutic properties for sickness such as rheumatism, stiff joints, chest cold and cough.

3. It has anti microbial properties that are important for human health.

4. It has anti inflammatory properties.

5. It has beneficial effects for symptoms related to degenerative brain condition like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease.

6. It improves blood level sugar control, studies have suggested that the piperine in pepper might help improve blood sugar metabolism.

7. It helps lower cholesterol levels.

8. It may also boost the absorption level of nutrients such as calcium and selenium.

9. It may also promote gut health. Research has shown that black pepper might increase the number of good bacteria in your gut.

10. It may also offer pain relief, studies in rodents have shown that piperine may be a natural pain reliever.

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