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Check out these five plants will maximize your brain power

Have you ever entered a room and then forget why you entered the room. Or you usually forget where you put your keys just minutes ago, don't worry, you are not alone, it is perfectly normal. Taking supplements to increase brain power is not a new or strange idea, a lot of people, especially people abroad take pills like adderall to boost their brain focus, but unfortunately these pills are not legalized, because it has been found that people become dependent on them when taken long term. But there are always alternatives, and natural ones with no side effects at that, research has it that taking these particular food can supplement your brain power and make your cognitive function better. 

Note: These food won't make you smarter, they only maximize your brain capacity to the highest limit.

1. Turmeric- It is a common ingredient in curry, and it is usually used to spice up food, scientific research has found that these plant helps in boosting blood flow to the brain and increasing the oxygen content thereby increasing the rate at which information is assimilated. 

2. Ginger- This is a very common spice that can be found in our everyday market. Ginger has been found to contain anti oxidants that helps to counteract the degenerative effects of oxidative ions in the brain that give rise to the depletive effects of the brain. Try to supplement more of your food with ginger, your brain will thank you.

3. Walnut- This plant has been used as a brain power drug since the advent of herbal medicine in China and even in India. Research has now backed up these claims due to the presence of alpha linolenic acid and omega 3 fatty acids which have been said to be very good for brain growth.

4. Onions- Much like ginger, onions have been found to contain a high amount of anti oxidants that have been said to counteract the effects of brain depleting enzyme, an enzyme that causes neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer's disease. It has been found that fast foods like indomie are very oxidative and adding anti oxidants like onions while cooking helps to lower their harmful effects to the body.

And lastly and my personal favorite is;

5. Rosemary- It is an aromatherapeutic herb that can be processed in the form of an essential oil, most of the time this oil is added to water and inhaled to give a very relaxing effect, the inhalation of rosemary goes directly to the blood stream where it reduces the viscosity i.e thickness of the blood allowing blood to flow faster to the brain, thereby causing more oxygen to be available for the brain to do more activities.

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This article was not written by an health professional, further research should be carried out for your satisfaction.

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