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Regenerated pancreatic beta cells: a new paradigm in the cure for type 2 diabetes

If you still go by former options, then you would think there is no way diabetes could be reversed. But you need to get rid of that notion and embrace new advancements in the field of medicine.

Ten years ago, some researchers were able to complete a research on the cure for diabetes using a regenerated beta cell model. However, it wasn't accepted as safe for human consumption until just recently.

To understand how they achieved that result, just know that the main role of beta-cell( a component of the pancreas) is to synthesize and secrete insulin in order to maintain circulating glucose levels within physiological range. So, when the beta cells are weakened, dead or malfunctioning, insulin becomes scarce in the body causing a build up of sugar in the blood which is diabetes. Now, regenerative medicine replaces or regenerates human cells, tissue or organs, to restore or establish normal function’.

In persons with type 2 diabetes what these researchers did was to introduce a diabetes specific regenerative medicine, to ascertain how the beta cells will react to it. This which was done for a period of one month, yielded good results. That was the beginning of hope for reversing type 2 diabetes.Two months of introducing the diabetes specific regenerative medicine saw a tremendous outcome. The beta cells began to be re-created, revived and made to function very well. Once these beta cells were completely regenerated, they stopped the application of the medicine on the cell.

That was how the cure for type 2 diabetes was generated. You could find about the mechanism of how this regenerative medicines work and stories of subsequent users here. But then, the process had to take several years for few of them to be accepted by FDA.

One positive is that diabetes sufferers can now reversed type 2 diabetes which ones looked impossible.

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