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First baby that was fully developed in an artificial womb: This is the end to barrenness

Science and technology has taken the humans to a whole different level. If someone would tell our great great grand father that it will take them one to fly from Abuja to Lagos they will argue and may even think that someone's is mad. Science and technology has taken another new turn in this century.

Some group of European doctors took an experiment on an artificial womb and the result was positive they said that this could be an end to barrenness or being childless.

Before this development, we have other device used for keeping premature babies alive outside their mother womb. But these equipments acts like an incubator for the baby to be comfortable since it is not strong enough for the harsh weather or climate. No external womb equipment has ever come to the level of this.

How does artificial womb works?

Am going to explain how an artificial womb works. From the diagram below.

The scientists uses fetal lambs which are then placed in a plastic bag filled with artificial amniotic fluid. The umbilical cord of the lambs are attached to a machine outside of the bag designed to act like a placenta and provide oxygen and nutrients and also remove any waste.

The experiment is yet to be tested on humans but these scientists believed and have high hopes that it'll work. And they're working and improving on the prototype that will enable human formation.

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