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Living With Embarassing Keloid At The Back Of Your Head or Around Your Neck and How To Overcome It

One of the most embarrassing things to befall a man is to have keloid at the back of your head or around your neck.

It takes someone who's experienced it first hand to even begin to understand the embarrassment and even shame it can cause.

Imagine walking along the road or being somewhere and all people do is to stare at the growth around your neck or at the back of your head.

You're like a spectacle, though in a negative way.

I was both fortunate and unfortunate to have suffered from Keloid.

Fortunate in the sense that it gave me a sort of empathy for people I never knew I had before. I knew very well I wouldn't have had that quality if not for the keloid.

I was unfortunate because of the anguish it caused me: mentally, emotionally and physically.

I would say that having keloid changed my life drastically. Whenever I went to church I would sit at the back so no one would look at the growth at the back of my head.

I avoided public gatherings as much as I could. I wore cap whenever I went out. Even when I wore a face cap I had to turn it backwards to cover the keloid. I was unable to wear what I would have loved to wear since I wore cap always. The keloid literally dominated my life.

Whenever I went to the barbershop I noticed the barbers feeling uneasy. They often frowned and murmured. I felt uncomfortable at their reaction because I knew the cause.

It was a barber in one of the shops I went that honestly and kindly told me some of his customers had stopped patronizing him because of me.

Although I felt shattered I was grateful to him still for opening up to me. He even suggested a medicine I should buy. I thanked him and left. I never went back.

Henceforth, I asked friends to cut my hair. Even though they were not professional barbers and seldom did a good job, I thought it was still better than the embarrassment of visiting a barbershop.

There were times I wore winter caps even though it was extremely hot. Once, someone wondered if I was trying to wear dreadlocks the reason I always covered my head. I smiled and shrugged. He wouldn't understand.

All the while I was desperately seeking a solution to my predicament. Folks suggested different solutions and I tried them out. I went wherever I was told I'd find respite.

I visited numerous healing centers. The 'healers' promised heaven and earth but delivered nothing. They capitalized on my desperation and simply took the little money I had.

Someone even suggested I drank my urine that the keloid would disappear. I did but nothing changed.

I had three different surgeries. Each time the keloid would disappear momentarily and then reappear.

I claimed all the healing promises in the Bible and confessed them incessantly. Whenever I attended a crusade the keloid was the only thing on my mind. I claimed by faith the healing prophesied by the minister and went home hoping and believing.

Then light began to shine. Someone suggested I started applying honey on the surface, leave it for about twenty minutes and then wash it off.

I was also asked to cut onions into tiny pieces. Then squeeze out the juice with a clean cloth and apply the juice on the keloid.

I was told to use garlic also. Take two or three fresh garlic and crush them. Apply it on the surface of the keloid and around it and leave it for about twenty minutes. Then wash it off.

As I tried this I noticed a change. The keloid began to lessen in size. This encouraged me and I intensified the use. Soon it all flattened, leaving a scar behind.

For anyone suffering from Keloid I understand your pain. You may try the aforementioned things I listed and hope for the best. Some people's skin texture are different from others.

I would advise you not to run to any one who claim they have the perfect treatment for keloid. There are charlatans everywhere. Unscrupulous crooks are out there, who capitalize on other people's predicament just to enrich themselves.

Also, get your own barbing clippers. This is a must.

And try to remain upbeat and positive. Positivity attracts good things, you know. And don't stop praying if you are a religious person.

I pray for you that the keloid would disappear. But bear in mind that even after the keloid must have gone it would most likely leave scars behind. But don't let that bother you. It's only a reminder that you're stronger than what was meant to break you.

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