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Health Risks Posed By Junk Foods

Unhealthy food is high in calories from fat or sugar-containing synthetic ingredients and multiple chemicals.

A regular intake of a low nutritional diet high in junk food can cause depression, obesity, stroke, digestive issue, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and death.

Your metabolism can be changed with just a few days of junk food. For a clearer understanding, a study was carried out whereby ten healthy young men ate junk food for five days and this led to a reduced ability of their body muscles to turn glucose into energy.

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This change could lead to insulin resistance over the long term and eventually cause type 2 diabetes. Eating too much junk food can lead to constipation cause it lacks fiber.

Don't you know single junk food can narrow your arteries, leading to an increase in blood pressure? And the quick rise in your blood sugar as a result of these junk foods high in refined carbohydrates and added sugar causes a surge in insulin leading to a quick drop in blood sugar. It leaves you tired and hungry for more.

It is advised that junk food should be consumed a maximum of once a week or better still stay off it. Eat a healthy meal daily.

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