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Meet The 19-Year-Old Boy Who Uses An Artificial Heart To Stay Alive (PHOTOS)

In every situation, we should always be thankful for everything. Our being alive today is not by our power or might is the by the grace and the will of God Almighty.

Though we might think that we passed through a lot of things, but have you heard about the young boy who carried his artificial heart to stay alive?

The boy was identified as Chadarius Johnson, hails from Mid-South. He was a 19-years-old boy when started carrying an Artificial Heart backpack.

An Artificial Heart is a heart transplant machine that replaces both lower chambers of the heart (the left and right ventricles) and it helps in pumping blood all over the body.

Chadarius Johnson is a Basket ballplayer. He revealed how it started, he said "I was playing basketball and I was trying to tell the coach to call time out then, when he called time out, the next thing I knew I saw myself in hospital".

His Doctor, John Ransom says that occurrence is a sudden death episode and he had congestive heart failure.

"Though he was playing basketball and had a heart rhythm problem, ” immediately, he died on the basketball court, but luckily people were there to rescue him," said Doctor John.

The Doctor installed a pacemaker in a hope of saving Johnson and later discovered that the pacemaker did not work for him, then installed an artificial heart.

Since then Johnson has been carrying an artificial Heart backpack to stay alive.

I believe that Chadarius Johnson also wishes not to make use of an artificial heart backpack just to stay alive. My prayer is that wherever is he, may God heal him completely.

Kindly say a prayer for Johnson.

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