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Laboratory management

Lab services are not only important for HEALTH programs but for all health programs. And the lab services cannot be performed without lab logistics to keep the labs well supplied. 

•Labs offer services of varying complexities from basic to sophisticated testing (depending on the level of the system), For example: 

• Limited lab services such as rapid HIV 

The supply chain management of medical laboratory commodities is a problem of concern worldwide. The complete supply chain network has been lacking due to different challenges. 

•The supply of many laboratory commodities is insufficient and the demand for these commodities is great. Therefore matching demand and supply is very difficult.

laboratory supplies

•There are hundreds of examples, depending on the size of the lab and the services it offers, but in general, there are more specific types of lab supplies than in virtually any other public health supply category. 

•There are more types of lab supplies than the total of all types of supplies for family planning,, and many other programs combined. 

In terms of logistics and supply management. There are three categories of Laboratory Supplies

Reagents are the chemicals used in laboratory testing of different types

Consumables are items that are used once while performing a test and are not reused.

Recordables are items that can be reused for multiple tests.


•If a logistics system works well, it provides the Six Rights. For the LMHC, the Right Goods are HEALTH Commodities.

•The Right Goods

•In the Right Quantities

•In the Right Condition

•To the Right Place

•At the Right Time

•At the Right Cost

Laboratory management is very essential and vital in running a laboratory .

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