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Medical Problems You Can Treat By Soaking Your Feet In Warm Salt Water

According to an article written by Healthline, immersing your feet in warm water helps alleviate a variety of symptoms. Magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt, could be used to the warm water to increase its therapeutic effects. Humans have been using this ever since ancient times due to its well-documented healing properties. The results of recent medical investigations have demonstrated the importance of this type of research.

Research shows that the benefits can be obtained by bathing one's feet in the combination for 30-60 minutes twice weekly.

1. it's an excellent treatment for fungal infections of the foot.

In order to cure fungal infections of the foot, warm water, particularly when combined with Epsom salt, can be quite helpful. Taking a foot bath in the combination for 30-60 minutes can help soften the skin and draw out the infection, which in turn will speed up the healing process. As a result, not only can you use this for athlete's foot, as well as for other types of foot fungal infections according to studies.

2. Treatment for a Fractured Heel

There is a high incidence of the type of injury known as "fractured heel" among the general population. Also, it is notoriously difficult to control. If it begins to bleed, walking may become very painful. Tough skin on your feet can be loosened by soaking them in a solution of warm water and Epsom salt. Since the fluid is antiseptic, the affected area will heal rapidly. For best results, use the suggested lotion and give it a good massage thereafter.

3. It reduces edema and foot pain.

Warm foot baths help eliminate toxins and relieve pain, edema, and inflammation. Thus, it permits the individual to heal faster since it maintains healthy blood flow to the area. Humans have relied on this treatment for edema of the foot for hundreds of years according to studies.

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