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This Is How You Can Treat Hypertension And Ulcer With This Common Nigerian Fruit

Ulcer and Hypertension are very common disease we develop or are born with in Nigeria, and the world at large.

Most people suffer from both diseases, while other suffer from either one or the other. Whatever the case, the gist is these diseases can either terminate your life or change it, the choice would be yours to make

As a nurse, from my few years of experience I have seen ulcer and hypertensive patients of over 30years still hale and hearty, and I have ulcer seen ulcer and hypertensive patients of barely 2 years die as a result of the disease.

All these occurred due to the choices they made. Choices based on lifestyle modification, drug regimen adherance, diet adjustment and most importantly trusting on God.

If you read my articles, you will know I am a food lover, so I'll just get to my hobby and tell us about how you can live with ulcer and Hypertension for a long time using diet adjustment.

Diet Adjustment

Like I always say "you are what you eat". By this, I mean what we eat can make or Mar us.

Food(fruits inclusive) has so much power over our health, and in case you don't know, know this now, there is healing in food. There are no known diseases on this Earth that food and fruits doesn't have a healing influence on.

Now that we know this fact, here are some fruits that you can use to heal your hypertension and ulcer( I just want to face basically Fruits in this article)

1. Tiger nut

2. Coconut

3. Water melon

4. Cucumber

5. Wall nut

6. Casshew nut

7. Avocado pear

8. Cabbage

9. Garden eggs e.t.c

I will face just one of this fruits, and that is because it's my favorite. Am being partial right? Lol just read on and enjoy

Garden Eggs

This plant is packed with wonders. These wonders include:

1. Fibre content

Garden eggs is packed with high fibre content. Fibre helps in bowel cleansing, good blood vessel movement and fat burning therapy.

Now, we know these three factors will help a great deal in benefiting your blood pressure and ulcer as it reduces weight (blood pressure) and promotes intestinal and health(ulcer)

2. Antioxidants

Antioxidants helps the body to fight off toxins and any stranger(bacteria or virus) that disturbs the body

Garden eggs are rich in these three antioxidants: flavonoids, anthocyanins, nasucin.

Forget all these big names, just know that the bacteria that causes ulcer can be fought off by these antioxidants and also any form of toxins that cause any increase in blood pressure can be nullified by the antioxidants

3. Vitamin B

This plant is rich in all forms of vitamin B(niacin, B6,B12 e.t.c)

As a result, it is a good source of this vitamin which helps to promote heart health, regulate blood pressure and ease bowel activities (ulcer)

Other Benefits of This fruits That Are Not Directly Related To Ulcer And Hypertension Are:

1. Helps To Strengthen The bone

2. Rich source of manganese

3. Helps in regulating blood suger level

4. Good for the eyes sight/vision

5. Treats anaemia(low blood level in your system)

6. Best for pregnant women

The particular specie that gives all these nutrients full time is the green one.

How To Use This Fruit In Treating Ulcer And Hypertension

It is very easy:

1. Take it first thing in the morning, after your glass of water. This helps to bring out maximum utility of the fruit and most fruits works best on empty stomach

2. Take it as the last thing before you go to bed. After you dinner, you wait a while and take it, it aids in digestion, works very well and burns fat and cholesterol better when taken at night.

Some say garden egg makes them have stomach upset, here is a way to take it and it will stop upsetting you:

1. Take only one or two balls daily

2. Watch if you will react to it

3. If you do, skip a day or two and try again

4. If no reaction, increase the ball by one and observe

5. Do this till you can safely eat a good quantity

This method is a sensitivity and training method, so your body can adapt to the fruit and so you can enjoy its health benefit.

Garden egg is a fruit that should not be ignored. Try to include it in your regular diet, especially if you have ulcer, hypertension or both and you will definitely see it's healing effect with time.

Thanks for reading. Kindly like, share and comment on the wonders of this fruits. And if you aren't a garden egg lover please start loving it now.


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