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3 Reasons Why You Should Add Vegetables to Your Diet Regularly When You Clock 50 and Above

A lot of people have been wondering why a lot of nutritionist have been recommending that old people should add vegetables to their diet. Some even start avoiding vegetables because they don't actually know the use of vegetables in the body.

Vegetables are actually good for both young and old people, it is even more necessary for older people and I am going to be talking about reasons why I said so

1. Vegetables lower blood pressure

We all know that high blood pressure can be said to be a norm for most older individuals, this is because of weaken immune system as well as other organs in the body.

But Vegetables plays an important role in fight this chronic health condition. According to a research made on WebMD, vegetables especially kale contains high level of potassium which helps the kidney to filter out sodium from the body thereby reducing blood pressure.

But the consumption of vegetables needs to be taken in large quantities in order to make the effect of its nutrients work well.

2. It reduces risk of heart health

Any food that helps in reducing blood pressure could also promote better heart health. This is because high blood pressure could be said to be a heart condition.

Vegetables contain Vitamin K which helps in preventing the build up of calcium in the arteries thereby reducing the effect of your arteries having issues in the near future.

3. Vegetables help in control Diabetes

Overtime this has been the recommendation of a lot of doctors and it is actually true. Vegetables are rich in fiber which is needed for optimal digestion.

They are also low in glycemic index, which means they won't raise your blood sugar easily. Instead they help in reducing it instead.

So now you know the reasons why you should add vegetables to your diet regularly when you clock 50 and above.

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