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See this: for toothache and mouth odour.

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Today we will be dealing with a really important issue affecting most people and even causing them to have mouth odour. The mouth odour that toothache causes is even more than the way one's mouth will smell when he wakes up from sleep. Just follow through.

A TOOTHACHE is a pain inside the teeth or around a tooth.


1. Tooth decay.

2. Damage filling.

3. Abscessed tooth.

4. Repetitive motions such as chewing gum or grinding teeth.

5. Infected gums.

6. Tooth fracture.

Toothache can have causes which are not due to underlying disease.

Examples are:

1. Biting something hard.

2. Getting something stuck in between the teeth or braces. This is a regular part of the development process in children.

3. Flossing.


Treatment of TOOTHACHE would totally depend on the cause of the ache.

If it is caused by an infected in the tooth's nerve, you might need a root canal. Bacteria which have found their way into the inner aspects of the tooth cause such infection. 

If it is caused by a cavity, your dentist will fill the cavity or extract the tooth.

If there is fever or swelling of the jaw, you can get some antibiotics.


1. Salt and warm water. Use it to rinse your mouth rigorously.

2. Never eat meat (especially 'suya') late at night.

3. Ensure to always brush last thing at night.

4. Avoid sugary foods.

5. Stop chewing gum.

6. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

7. Chew 'oziza' seeds on the aching tooth, especially the ones with holes. This one is tasted and trusted.

8. Floss once daily.

9. You can also use antiseptic mouth wash.

10. See your dentist twice yearly for professional cleaning.

11. Avoid breaking hard nuts or opening bottles of drinks with your teeth.


1. When your toothache lasts longer than 1 or 2 days.

2. When you have a fever, pain when you try to talk or open your mouth, ear aches, and mouth odour.

3. When you experience severe toothache.


-If you know someone who complains of tooth infection, avoid sharing things like spoons and cups with them, because if you do, you will contact it.

-If you have toothache, know that you are most likely to have mouth odour, so always check yourself before speaking at certain times, try to understand when the person you are talking to begins to act somehow. You can avoid this by brushing and using the antiseptic mouth wash often or before speaking at certain times.

-Parents please don't share your toddlers' spoon with them, whether you have tooth ache or not. There are bacterias in your mouth that are not good for the children.

DO NOT wait until toothache spoils things for you.

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