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6 Signs That Your Blood Sugar Level Has Gone Out Of Control

When people become diabetic, their blood sugar levels become high. Controlling blood sugar level becomes one of the greatest health problem.

It is necessary to have a glucose meter and check your blood sugar level regularly. There are also physical signs that can indicate that your blood sugar level have gone out of control.

We want to highlight the signs a person may notice when his blood sugar level becomes dangerously very high.

1. Extreme thirst and urination.

People tend to feel more thirsty when their blood sugar level is very high. At the same time, this thirstiness may likely result into constant urination and fatigue.

2. Numbness in the hands and feet.

Blood circulation in impaired when a person's blood sugar level is very high. In most cases, the patient may begin to feel numb in his extremities.

3. Tingling pains in the hands and feet.

The person may begin to notice tingling pains and burning sensation in the hands and feet. This tingling pains and burning sensation are indication of peripheral nerve damage.

4. Slow healing wounds.

When a person have a poorly managed blood sugar levels,he may begin to notice that his minor injuries may refuse to heal.. Even when no minor injuries were sustained, the disease on its own may develop sores or blisters that heal very slowly.

5. Skin infections.

Some hidden portions of the body such as the neck and ampit may start to developing hard and dark skin texture known in medical terms as acanthosis Nigricans.

Conclusion:If you notice these signs, make frantic effort to check and control your blood sugar levels to avoid complications.

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