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What You Should Stop Doing To Avoid Urinating Often At Night

The need to urinate is something that happens to every living being so long as the kidney and bladder are working well. Urination is a way of passing out unwanted liquid.

However, it becomes too stressful and frustrating, when we have to spend lots of time rushing to the rest room often just to get it off our system.

Urinating often at night is known as nocturia and it can be caused by some factors like what we consume and also diseases.

Hence, this article explains one simple thing we should stop doing to avoid frequent urination especially when there is no underlying disease.

This simple thing you should stop doing is staying away from things that will keep the kidney working at all times especially at night.

These things include drinking too much water before bedtime, consuming alcohol, caffeinated drinks, coffee and sodas. A research from Cleveland clinic has this to say in the link below:

Further explanation: The kidney is an organ which helps to regulate the amount of liquid in the body thereby, sending unwanted substances to the bladder where it is passed out as urine.

The liquid substances mentioned above can end up stressing the kidney especially when they are taken just before going to bed.

Alcohol and sodas contain additives and artificial sweeteners which only settle in the kidney hence causing harm to it. We are however, advised to stay away from taking water at least 2 hours before going to bed.This way, the kidney will not have to push more fluid to the bladder, and we would have a good night sleep without having to wake up at intervals to use the rest room.

I believe with this explanation, we will come to understand that the body does not really need these liquid substances at night.

It will be more convenient to use the rest room during the day than waking up at short intervals at night.

Not having enough sleep as a result of this can cause other health challenges like high blood pressure, fatigue and even frustration.

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