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This is What Alcohol does to the Liver.

This article will reveal to you what chronic alcohol drinkers may face if they keep on drinking.

The effects that it has on the Liver.

The Liver breaks down part of the Alcohol consumed in order to make it easier for the body to remove. This process produces more dangerous substance. Causing ailment ranging from high blood pressure to stroke.

The liver breaks down and filters harmful substances in the blood, and manufactures proteins, enzymes, and hormones which the body uses to fight infections. It also converts vitamins, nutrients and medicines into substances that can be used by our body. The liver also cleanses the blood, producing enzyme for digestion and storing glycogen for energy necessary for daily works.

The people that drink more than 14 bottles of beer per week face a higher risk of developing liver diseases opposed to moderate drinkers.

Alcoholic hepatitis, inflammation that causes liver degeneration, can further develop into cirhosis and may cause death. This is reversible with abstinence.

As many as 25 percent of chronic drinkers develop fatty liver disease, and the fatty liver disease can also be cured if the drinker stops drinking.

Alcohol has little benefits but it becomes bad when taken to be intoxicated.

If you are a chronic alcoholic drinker, please learn how to drink moderate. It causes deadly diseases.

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