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Opinion: Tale From An Old Man The Benefits of Coconut water Related To Physical and Spiritual Belief

We All know that coconut is very essential in our daily activities, coconut is important ranging from the shell, the fruits itself and the water, infact nothing from a coconut tree is a waste.

In this article we will be looking forward Based on story once told by an old man, even though it has not be confirmed yet, he mentioned how coconut water can be very beneficial to our health whether we drank it or use it for other purposes. He made us believe that coconut water is very potent when we poured it on our head, let check out come of the things it can do as belief by some group of individuals, some believe that Coconut Water has more benefit than the physical benefit it posses

It has been used in different culture and it help to solve many ailment like

Coconut water is good source of hydration.

It also helps in prevention of kidney stone

It water is used to Soften the hair and make it look softer and also it help to kill dandruffs.

In some culture it is believed that if you pour coconut water on your head it will help to Wade off Evil spirit and also can be used to cure headache.

It is also believed that washing your child head with Coconut Water for seven day will bring favour and good luck.

Note: it is not scientific proven just a belief and take from an old man.

So now that you know some of the work of the coconut cherish it with your life

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