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Poverty will not come into your life, here are the photos of luxurious beds you should see today

Believe it or not, poverty is the most brutal enemy of humanity. Initially, God gave us the good things of life just to live comfortably. Let us think it this way, if God had wanted us to truly suffer, would he have still given us all these beautiful materials to turn into extra-ordinary creations?

poverty was never God's plan for us, so if anyone tries to use God as an excuse for your poverty nature, please do not believe them, they are only deceiving you. Push yourself to work hard, and bring yourself out of poverty.

Living a good life also includes having the basic things you need, you do not have to be extraordinarily rich, but do not to be extraordinarily poor in the process. Comfort start with where we lay our body to rest.

Believe me, poverty will be shamed when you see that some beds are just 100% luxurious. In fact, village people can never attack you on beds like this (village people apologies). They will be so surprised and carried away with how wonderful your bed is that they will sleep off and forget their mission.

Life is good, just check out these luxurious beds below, and pray to God to remove poverty away from your life today.

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