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To Make Bones Stronger Here Is One Food Elderly Women Are Advised To Regularly Take

Elderly Women, haven in the course of their lives experienced several ovulations, menstruations, child deliveries and breastfeeding are prone to loss of minerals especially calcium and this is the reason osteoporosis often get to them more than males.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that affects the bones. It is characterized by a loss in bone density making the bones brittle and prone to breakage or fracture. Women suffering from such a medical condition can easily get a bone in their body fractured from a small fall.

Depiction of osteoporosis sourced from 'MedicineNet'. From the picture you can see how less dense the osteoporotic bone is.

This condition can be combated by consuming the right foods. Foods rich in calcium. Consumption of vitamin K is also essential as it helps the body process and add the calcium to our bones according to WebMD. This would improve the bone density making the bones stronger and less prone to fracture hence reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Consumption of animal liver is a good way of getting vitamin K. It can be prepared by frying, cooking et cetera. Consuming this food once in a week can go a long way in keeping the bones healthy and strong.

Well prepared liver meat sourced from 'Pinterest'.

Besides making bones strong, animal liver is also a good source of iron as well as vitamin B12. These are two nutrients that work hand in hand to increase the human blood counts. Thus, someone suffering from shortage of blood, a medical condition known as anemia can also take them for a boost in blood counts.

Nevertheless, the benefits of liver meats are outrageous but we should consume them with caution else, the repercussions must haunt us. Excessive consumption of liver meat can increase the body cholesterol levels making us prone to heart diseases as well as obesity.

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