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One Substance People Use In Preservation Of Beans That Is Toxic To Human Health

Beans are healthy legumes that are prone to weevils infestation. Infestation of beans by weevils would bring a depletion in their quality as well as their taste, to the sellers it would bring loss as none would love to buy such food. What most sellers then do is to employ 'Sniper' in it's preservation. 

Source: 9jafoodie

Sniper is a commercial insecticide used in preserving goods in warehouses from insects and other pests. In the past, several news had gone viral on how people easily committed suicide by taking it. This shows how poisonous and toxic it is to human health. 

This same 'Sniper' is what some traders use to preserve their beans from weevils. It is quite an unhealthy act and can result to severe health damages, especially liver damages.

The chemicals used in making it so potent in killing insects can as well affect our liver. Everything we eat, gets to our liver, for the purpose of detoxification as well as several other functions before getting to our blood stream.

Why we seem to always eat foods that are toxic and at the end, get away with it without suffering it's penalties is because our liver works very hard to neutralize the toxins.

When we continue to eat such foods, a time would come when the liver would grow weary as a result of too much stress. This would result to diseases, sudden breakdown can also occur, a condition known as acute liver failure.

Sellers are advised to stop using such a substance to preserve foods they are to sell to people. Also, you as a buyer, when going to buy, foods that were preserved with this insecticide would usually speak for themselves through the smell. Once you perceive such smell, it's better you avoid them 

A healthy way of preserving your foods as sited here like in the case of beans is by pouring them together with some dry cayenne also known as cameroon pepper in an airtight container. The effects of the pepper would make it difficult for any weevil to survive in such a harsh environment.

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