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Health Benefits Of Eating Fresh Bananas

Banana is a widely consumed fruits. It's very common in different parts of the country. Banana contains an element called potassium. The elements that it contains which is potassium helps maintain the body fluids. It also regulate the waste products in the body. It helps to regulates the waste materials in different cells of the body.

Eating banana has many health benefits. Study tells that eating banana daily constitutes 9% of nutrients needed for a day. Banana is not a fruit that is scarce because it's very common. It's edible and has a sweet taste.

These are the health benefits of eating banana;

Banana helps to lower blood pressure. It's lower blood pressure in the sense that it reduces depression and stress. Being depressed can make the blood pressure to be high. So, eating banana will lower the risk of high blood pressure.

It's also good for the brain. It stimulate the cells in human brain to work well. Children should be allowed to eat more of banana as it helps to develop their brains. Eating banana will improve the effectiveness of the brain.

It's important to know that banana also gives energy. Enery is needed to do any work. Without energy,one won't be able to do work. If you are feeling depressed or fatigue eat banana,it will boosts your energy level.

Consuming banana helps in digestion of food,as banana contains water and fibres which helps regulates digestion.

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