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You can die while eating if you don’t know this first aid technique

             There are several reasons people die while eating ranging from food poisoning to inappropriate diet and choking among others. Of all these, it is not the rarest to hear about or see someone choking on food. As simple as it seems, if you choke on your food, in severe cases, asphyxiation can occur and death sets in five minutes.

               What is asphyxiation? The general explanation for asphyxiation is death due to lack of oxygen, or lack of oxygen which as well leads to death. Although, there can be several causes of asphyxiation but do you know choking on your food can lead to asphyxiation and death as quickly as five minutes?

               How does this occur? It is a general rule not to talk while eating. This is because the pathway for air(sound) and food in the body are two different pathways but they share something like a common junction in the throat where they split. Just like talking while eating, a lot more reasons may make food block the route for air to enter and exit the body leaving such person unable to breath. In this situation, when you or someone around you is unable to breath due to choking while eating, you have to act fast. Remember you have about only five minutes.

              What to do? What to do in this situation is called Heimlich maneuver. Here are the steps involved:

1.      Stand behind the person slightly placing a foot in front of the person for balance.

2.      Make a fist with one hand and place it in the other hand in front of the person.

3.      Place the fist in between the person’s navel and xiphoid process (this is somewhere just below and in-between the pecs/chest). You can apply this on yourself as explained in the diagram below.

4.      Perform about 10 abdominal thrusts and call for help as well.

5.      This should induce cough and the blockage should be dislodged.

Once cough is induced, or the person can feel the blockage dislodged, he/she can breathe again. And you just saved a life.

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