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The state that showed worst unemployment recovery in nation last week, report says

Base on a news on a news report from the personal finance website walleHub, COLUMBUSOhio had the slowest weekly unemployment claims recovery in the nation last week.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia in claims during the latest week compared with 2019 and 2020, and changes in claims filed from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic versus the previous year, the report compared them.

From the data gathered, Ohio ranked 51st in recovery over the latest week and 37th since the pandemic began. Ohio ranked behind Colorado, West Virginia, Mississippi.

“various states have reopened at different rates, and we don't want to see a full reopening nationwide until the majority of the population in the state is vaccinated to ensure that the spread of the virus reduce.

The unemployment rate in Ohio's claims for the week of March 1 jumped more than 1,800 percent compared with 2019, and more than 1,000 percent compared with Jan. 1, 2020. Compared with the beginning of the pandemic and the unemployment rate in Ohio's claims are up 816.24 percent, the 15th-slowest recovery in the country.

Since 2020 the state has the worst recovery rate compared with the same week in 2019 and the worst since the start of 2020.

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