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Please If You Have Been Doing Any Of These Things Stop It Immediately, They Are Harmful To The Body

I just want everyone to pay attention to this, very well we all know that sleeping and eating late at night is very bad, but there are some set of things we do everyday that are even much worst than that,

I have taken my time to compiled some list of things that we though are harmless but they have bad effect on our lives.

1: Stifling a sneeze : The main function of sneezing is to get rid of bacteria,viruses and other dust particles,stop seizing your sneeze let it out, if not it may affect your hearing,increase blood pressure and even affect your gullet.

2: Using Toothpick : Even a Dentist won't advice anyone to use to toothpick to clean the mouth it may damaged your gum instead of toothpick use 'Dental Floss '

3: Sleeping on the pillow face down : It is harmful sleeping on your pillow face down, though its comfortable but harmful,because it affect your breathing and also make it hard.

4: Shelling seed with your teeth : Mostly sunflower seed they are very harmful to the teeth and gall bladder,don't shell a seed use your hands if not you may end up damaging your teeth, and anyone with gall bladder issues should avoid eating it.

5: Chewing on something solid: Those that love chewing pencils, pen and any other solid object should stop it immediately, because you are damaging your teeth,gum and mouth.

6: Postponing going to bathroom: Whenever you feel like urinating or pooing do it immediately stop postponing it because you are endangering your Kidney, Urinary system and Intestine.

7: Washing your hair with hot water : If you love bathing with hot water better stop it now because pouring hot water on your hair may affect the brain vessels and scalp.

8: If you touch your face often and scratch your eyes,it may likely lead to acne, skin rashes etc.. It may also affect the skin and eyes

9: Chewing bubble Ulcer,don't chew gum mostly before eating because it stimulates the gastric juice and can even lead to Ulcer chewing gum normally affects the teeth and dental fillings.

10: Reading while lying in bed ; When you feel like reading while in bed take note of these

* Don't keep the book close to your eyes.

*Don't curve your back or stretch your neck

*Don't read lying on your side it will stress your eyes more, and also don't read lying on your body you may damaged your spinal cord.

11: Licking wounds and blowing them off : Most times when cutting our nails we mistakenly cut our flesh,and we most times want to lick the wound. That's very bad because bacterias and germs would have entered it instead apply small medicine on to

12' Whispering : According to Robert Sataloff people usually strain their voice when whispering to someone and it can affect their Larynx.

13: Using a phone while in the toilet : I believe many youth are victim of this, not only phone both books or newspaper, sitting in the toilet for more than 5mins will increase the pressure in your Brian and the phone we take inside the toilet we don't leave it there bacterias might have come on it and by SK doing we are spreading bacteria.

I believe you have learnt something new today.

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