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Check Out Top 5 Causes Of Death In Men And their Major Risk Factors

Every one of us will certainly die one day but there are things we can do to prolong our life. We have carried out a study on the leading causes of death among men and the risk factors.

1. Heart Diseases.

According to center for disease control and prevention,(CDC), heart diseases are the leading cause of death among men. Although it is also the leading cause of death among both genders,men have a shorter life expectancy than women.

The major heart disease responsible for more deaths is coronary artery disease. (CAD). This disease is caused by hardening of the arteries that carry blood to the heart. This is normally caused by build up of plague in the arteries.

Some of the risk factors of heart diseases are *High blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

. Cancer.

Apart from heart diseases, another leading cause of death among men is cancer. The major cancer men suffer are lung cancer, prostrate cancer and colorectal cancer.

While the causes of cancer may not be known, the factors that put people at greater risk of getting cancer are known. They are:

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, eating too much of junk foods, eating canned meats, exposure to harmful chemicals etc.

3. Unintentional injuries.

Unintentional injuries comprise of accidents of various kinds. This includes accidents due to falls,fire and unimpaired driving. Though they are regarded as unintentional, they are preventable through exercising caution and avoiding alcoholism.

4. Stroke.

Stroke is another cause of death among men. It occurs when some blood clots prevents oxygenated blood to get to some part of the brain leading to damage of such brain cells and the part of the body it controls.

The things that increases a person's chance of getting stroke are,high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar level,high blood pressure, smoking .

5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The is a term doctors use to explain two chronic conditions that affects the lungs. This two health conditions are chronic acute broñchitis and emphysema.

The major risk factor for these diseases is smoking. 90 percent of people who suffer these diseases are smokers.

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