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Homemade Remedies for Men Energy, Stamina and Strength.

Men are created to be energetic,Strong and bold, but that was when foods and drinks they take was natural and unaltered. Many men nowadays sort and keep sorting for remedies and therapies to give them the required energy,stamina and strength they desire.

Many have tried all the available drug's and even done a lot of consultation with less or achieved desire, many could not spare their time to visit a consultant and many could not afford to visit one too.

There are few homemade remedies and therapies that repair, restore, improve and even enhance men strength.

Some comes inform of foods and drinks, while some comes inform of behavioral change.

Ginger and Garlic Juice and Tea:

These are one of the best homemade remedies, they help fight against series of illness ranging from common cold to high blood pressure. Sulfur and gingerol contained in garlic and ginger travels in to the body system through the intestine and make the cell body stay active and healthy. Ginger and garlic can also improve your athletic performance as they help to facilitate easy and free flow of blood in the body, one of the major reason men experience weakness is lack of flow of healthy blood throughout the body.

Method :

For Juice ; Pick some fresh garlic and ginger, wash them and put them in a Blender and blend till it becomes smooth enough to drink. Take 3-5 (Depending on body size) teaspoon morning and night to achieve your required out come.

For Tea (Boiling) ; pick some fresh ginger and garlic in to a clean kettle and boil for like 20-30minutes. Take 4-5 teaspoon morning and night.

Please note, a lot of water should be taken after drinking these remedies to avoid liver and kidney overload.


1.Body system cleansing.

2.Body Energizer.

4.Reduce body weight ( it should be taken before breakfast and after dinner).

5.Prevent high blood pressure.

6.Treat common cold and flu.

7. Enhances Libido.

8. Lowering of excess blood sugar.

Ginger and Watermelon Juice:

Watermelon is a good source of rehydration and it contains lots of vitamins, antioxidant and minerals essential for the body. Ginger on the other hands contains gingerol which is an essential component in fighting against series of illness.

Method :

Wash watermelon and ginger, cut some slice of watermelon (as many as you can finish at once) with flesh and seed put it in a blender, pick some washed ginger add it to the watermelon already in the blender. Blend it until it becomes smoothies, pour in a cup and take. It is advisable to prepare it whenever you need it, don't preserve it. It should be taken morning and night at least 3-4 times a week.

Functions :

1.It reduces high blood pressure.

2.It Fight against illness.

3.It helps treat constipation.

4.Because of gingerol it helps fight possibility of osteoarthritis.

5.These juice is a good antiinflammatory remedy.

6.Help reduce weight.

7.Increases and enhance libido.

8.It also helps cleanse the body system.

Common Behavior that should be changed are ;

1. Over consumption of alcohol.

2. Being over stressed.

3. Smoking tobacco products.

4. Inactive body muscles.

5. Over exercise.

These is the end of part 1.

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