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3 Popular Soft Drinks People Drink Regularly That Are Dangerous To The Health

According to some health experts, soft drinks do not have any nutritional value instead, they are just packed with calories, sugar and other additives that are detrimental to the health. There is nothing wrong with drinking one bottle of soft drink once in while when you find yourself in certain situations.

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However, some people make it a habit to drink soft drinks daily which is very bad for their health. Aside from soft drinks, there are also many other drinks that people drink regularly.

Some of the drinks people drink as an alternative to soft drinks popularly known as, minerals have the same amount of sugar as minerals, some even contain more sugar than mineral, making them dangerous to our health health.

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Here Are Three (3) Popular Drinks That Are As Dangerous As Soft Drinks

1. Processed Fruit Juice: many people consume processed fruit juice. Many parents package processed fruit juice in their children's lunchbox on a daily basis without knowing the the health implications such drinks are causing to their children.

Processed Fruit juice are juices that have passed through industrial processes, these fruits juice are made up of artificial fruit flavouring, artificial colourants, preservatives, and several grams of sugar. 

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2. Energy Drinks: many people no longer drink energy drink because they are tired and need energy, they now drink as matter of preference rather than circumstance. Some studies have shown that, many energy drinks contains more sugar and calories than minerals.

In addition to containing so much sugar, energy drinks also contains a lot of high caffeine, which is capable of raising the blood pressure of the consumer.

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3. Sweet Tea: sweet tea are not as popular as minerals, fruit juices and energy drinks however, they are popular in their own way. Sweet tea and ice tea contains a lot of sugar. The sugar level in some sweet tea are as high as the ones in minerals.

Also, aside from the sweetness of tea, some people still go a mile further to add 2-4 cubes of sugar or more to their tea which puts their health in more jeopardy.

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In conclusion, there are many natural drinks that you can drink in place of soft drinks and the drinks mentioned above. So, try as much as possible to limit your intake of the drinks mentioned above for your own health and well-being.

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