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13 Stunning-Looking Ladies Who Dr. Anu Successfully Operated On Before The Botched Surgery

It's no surprise that Cosmetic surgeon & body contour specialist, Dr. Anuoluwapo Adepoju made the headlines again owning to her arraignment in Lagos by the FCCPC. The Federal Competitive and Consumer Protective Commission indicted her over failure to comply with their requirements for investigating on the failed cosmetic surgery which led to demise of one Mrs. Nneka Onwuzuligbo.

Being one of the few female Nigerian cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Anu runs a cosmetic clinic situated at Lekki Phase One, Lagos State. It was also sealed off by the FCCPC in April with suspicion that the clinic engages in medical cosmetic procedures that doesn't comply with applicable standards of care. 

The FCCPC sprung into action after receiving complaints from some of her clients that her surgeries were unprofessional and injurious. The FCCPC didn't just stop there, but tried to investigate after receiving info on the botched surgery she recently carried out. But according to the Commission she refused to comply with them thereby 'obstructing justice'. 

Is she hiding something that they need to unravel? Was the FCCPC right in their suspicion all along? No one knows but this led to the five-count charge she'll face at the Federal High Court in Lagos come July 9 2020. 

Although this has affected not only her business & her credibility, it also led to a lot of criticism on social media. With regards on the criticism she has faced on social media of being unprofessional, we've brought 13 photos of women who Dr. Anu may have successfully operated on.

Dr. Anu shared these images via her business's official Instagram page which everyone believes that it's managed by her. P.S. Most of the images shared are anonymous showing only the body parts that Dr. Anu worked on.

The photos seem to refute claims that Dr. Anu is inexperienced as the ladies got what they wanted from the surgeon.

What do you think about them? Did Dr. Anu finish work or not?

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