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Signs Of HIV In The First Stage After Some Weeks Of Being Infected

According to Healthline, HIV is one of the world's most dreaded and incurable diseases. Many people are unfortunately exposed to the virus on a regular basis, and even more are likely to become infected due to a widespread lack of understanding or concern.

As a virus invades a host cell, it goes through a series of stages before finally replicating. The first stage includes viral entrance, rapid replication, and immune system failure. Symptoms often subside during this "acute" period, which lasts from two to six weeks following infection. As there was just an article on this on WebMD, let's look at some of the milder early warning signals.

What signs and symptoms do people typically experience a few weeks after contracting HIV?

Increased headache frequency is one of the many symptoms of HIV infection.

Discomfort in the muscles: Muscle pain is common during the acute phase of a sickness and can last for weeks after the initial infection.

Third, an extremely painful sore throat that has not responded to treatment.

lymph node enlargement, which may develop anywhere from beneath the arm to the neck to the crotch. These symptoms are your body's attempt to alert you to the presence of a virus.

A red rash that doesn't itch despite being annoying.

Sores or ulcers in the mouth, genitalia, or urethra. These symptoms may be useful as early indicators of HIV infection. If you get ulcers in these areas after a possible exposure, you should consult a doctor very away.

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