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8 Reasons Why Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You

Too much sugar can cause many throngs in our bodies: here are 10 reasons why too much sugar is bad for you

1. It can cause weight gain: consuming too much sugar, increase your weight gain and can lead to visceral fat accumulation.

2. Risk of heart attack: Too much sugar in the body have been involved or associated with an increase risk of many diseases, such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, inflammation and many more. Too much sugar diets have been linked to an increase risk of dying from heart disease.

Acne: high sugar diets increase androgen, secretio, oil production and information which can raise your risk of developing what is called acne.

4. Too much sugar cause type two diabetes:it may lead to obesity and insulin resistance both of which are risk factor of type two diabetes.

5. It cause cancer: for you to eat too much sugar may put you to risk of developing some certain cancer. Obesity, insulin resistance are all factors of Cancer.

It increase depression risk in both gender, men and women.

6. It accelerate the skin aging: Sugary food can increase the production of ages which can accelerate skin ages and wrinkle formation.

7. it can increase cellular aging: eating or taking of too much sugar can accelerate the shortening of telomeres, White cause cellular aging.

8. It can lead to fatty liver: high rate of sugar food can lead to excessive fat building in the liver.

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Acne Sugar Is Bad For Too


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