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8 mistakes you might have possibly done before sleeping

Sleep is sacred, yet it can be so darn elusive. The older we get, the more things crop up to disturb our rest, and the less time we have to get the sleep we so desperately need. If you are having trouble dozing off, or staying asleep, it may be thanks to something you're doing before bed. How we spend those few hours before dozing off can affect not only our sleep pattern, but our health in general. There are certain mistakes some people make before going to bed, so in this article we will be looking at some of those things you might be doing before bed, which can be risky.

1) Eating too much right before bed

We've all been warned that eating too much before bed will give us nightmares, but with office hours growing longer, a late night dinner is occasionally unavoidable.

2) Going to bed hungry

While eating too much before bed can disturb sleep, hitting the hay with low blood sugar can also keep you from peacefully dozing off.

3) Ingesting caffeine

Caffeine is a miracle drug, keeping us awake by at once blocking the chemicals that make us feel sleepy, and increasing adrenaline.

4) Using electronic devices

Most of us keep our cell phone charging next to our bed, or even clutching it like a teddy bear (a whopping 71 percent according to a recent survey).

5) Not addressing your stress level

The American Psychological Association warns that when stress increases, a person's sleep quality often decreases.

6) Smoking weed

While many folks tend to use pot as a “natural” sleep aid, the jury is still out on whether it is helpful or harmful.

7) Drinking alcohol

Getting drunk can make you fall asleep quickly, but it will not be a restful sleep.

8) Drinking too much water.


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